How to use IGTV for business

Danka Košutić
Danka Košutić
Chief Marketing Officer

After its launch in 2010, Instagram quickly became a big success. It has grown exponentially in the last couple of years and now it is a community of one billion users. Over the years, it added many new features with the Instagram stories being the most successful one up-to-date. At the event in San Francisco in June, Instagram announced its latest feature called IGTV. It is a new app for watching long-form vertical video on your phone. IGTV can be accessed from a button inside the Instagram home screen, as well as a standalone app.

People are watching less traditional TV and more digital video, particularly mobile. In the next few years, large majority of all mobile data traffic will come from a mobile video. Also, younger audience prefers amateur content creators over professionals. Instagram is well aware of these trends; that is why they are planning ahead for the new feature.

IGTV is different than other apps in a couple of ways. It is built so to be suitable to how you actually use your mobile phone. Videos are full screen and vertical and they can be up to an hour long. Users say that the new format of video gives them a more immediate and personal touch than a standard video. Anyone can be a content creator. You don’t have to be an influencer or a big brand to start your own channel.

Whether you are running your own business or working for a company, IGTV can be a great addition to your current marketing strategy. It can help you grow your audience and get closer to it through storytelling.

These are a couple of tips on how to use IGTV for business:

  • Provide value for your audience - share insights, tips, how-tos or strategies that worked for you.
  • Increase brand awareness - introduce yourself and your business through storytelling.
  • Exhibit your work - show your portfolio and share testimonials from satisfied clients.
  • Get personal - share a behind the scenes look at your business. Show interesting video clips from your everyday life that you haven’t shared on other platforms.
  • Announce something new - introduce your audience to a new product, service, event or a project that you are currently working on.

This platform doesn’t offer monetization or revenue-sharing options at the moment, but both are possible in the near future. It is safe to say that until then it won’t be a real competitor to YouTube. On the other hand, a relatively small number of creators gives early adopters a chance to stand out and build their audience. There is only one rule - be creative.

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